Every tool you need to scale on Delta Sleep is just click away.

Every tool you need to scale on Delta Sleep is just one click away!

Welcome To
Delta Sleep Affiliate Resource Page

Welcome To
Delta Sleep Affiliate Resource Page

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Increase your earnings in the
sleep disorder space!

Increase your earnings in the sleep disorder space!

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Source: https://www.cdc.gov/sleep/data_statistics.html

Source: https://www.cdc.gov/sleep/data_statistics.html

AOV: $190

EPC: ≈$2.9

while Facebook and Google range up to $5 and beyond.

CR: 2% - 3% 

depending on source

For a Better Night’s Sleep

Delta Sleep was formulated to improve sleep quality, build stress resistance and enhance cognitive performance.

Aktiv Fromulations is a brand generating incredible numbers with over 7 figures paid out to affiliates across the globe.

One of the brand’s latest formulations is Delta Sleep, the Next Gen Sleep Disorder Formula that restores healthy sleep-wake cycle, protects the BBB, improves memory, attention and reasoning. Melatonin, Chamomile and Lemon Balm help you reduce difficulty of falling asleep, and ingredients such as L-Theaning, GABA and 5-HTP allow for deeper REM phase that results in better quality deep sleep, waking up without grogginess and better cognitive performance the next day. 

Put Money In Your Pocket DAILY!

Traffic Tip #1

Best converting traffic:

- Email 
- Display/native 
- Social media 
- Blog 
- Branded keyword search 
- Non-branded search 

Traffic Tip #2


- United States
- Canada
- United Kingdom

Traffic Tip #3


- Male & Female
- Age +30.

Traffic Tip #4

Potential targets are people suffering from:

- Insomnia
- Restless leg syndrome
- Obstructive sleep apnea
- Narcolepsy, etc.

Traffic Tip #5

Potential groups for Facebook ads:

- Students,
- White collar employees,
- Creditees,
- Nurses, doctors,
- First-time parents, etc.

Traffic Tip #6

SMS, co-reg, incentive, and other fraudulent activity that can potentially lead to chargebacks and refunds. Not adhering to these rules will result in a permanent ban.

Why spend time and money
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Remember:  65% for the main offer with additional 50% of each subsequent upsell/downsell offer!!

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