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Product demographic

Most common uses in the US:

pain relief (64%), anxiety (49%), and insomnia (42%). (SingleCare, 2020)

  • 20% of people ages 18-29 use CBD
  • 16% of people ages 30-49 use CBD
  • 11% of people ages 50-64 use CBD
  • 8% of people age 65 and older use CBD
  • 40% of people ages 18-29 have tried CBD
  • 32% of people ages 30-44 have tried CBD
  • 23% of people ages 45-59 have tried CBD
  • 15% of people 60 and older have tried CBD

The top states for CBD sales in 2019 were:

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United States only


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A+ Formulations is a brand generating incredible numbers, with over 7 figures paid out to affiliates across the globe. One of the brand’s latest formulations is CBD Oil, a tincture that has already consumed a large chunk of the $5.3billion-worth CBD pie. This high-purity CBD oil has been formulated with Black Pepper Extract, as studies have shown that Black Pepper Extract maximizes bioavailability and absorption of CBD by the body.

  • 100% Organic (all natural)
  • Supports Relaxation
  • Shows Effects Instantly
  • Helps With Discomfort

Increase your earnings in the CBD space!

AOV: $190
EPC: ≈$4.2, while Facebook and Google range up to $7 and beyond.
CR: 2.8% - 5% depending on source

There’s more for affiliates who deliver consistently good results! Contact the friendly Support Team of A+ Formulations via Email (wecare@aktivformulations) and catapult your revenue to new heights!

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